The holiday season is almost upon us! It is a time of celebration and remembrance of Holidays past and anticipation for those to come. A tribute gift is a powerful way to express your love and make a difference for years to come.

Your generosity makes it possible for us to bring the special comfort of hospice to all those who need it- regardless of the complexity of their medical needs or their ability to pay. You can be a blessing to a patient and family with a donation this holiday season. 

Lights of Love Campaign: Honoring Our Loved Ones This Holiday Season!

Handmade Ornaments for a Meaningful Tribute – $50 Each

You can purchase a beautifully crafted handmade ornament, including shipping and the opportunity to display your loved one’s name on our stunning light tower. The ornament serves as a heartfelt symbol of remembrance and love during this special time of year.

Lights of Love Towers – $25 each name

Illuminate your loved one’s name during the holiday season with our Remembrance Light Towers. For every $25 gift, a name can be illuminated on the 8 ft Remembrance Towers in front of Hospice of Southern Kentucky on Scottsville Rd in Bowling Green. The towers will be lit from early December through January. As dusk descends, the towers will be aglow with radiant lights, symbolizing the eternal presence of our loved ones in our hearts and minds.

Don’t wait! The 2023 Lights of Love has officially begun, and we are ready to ship our exquisite handmade ornaments to you. As the towers are being prepared for installation, we will begin adding the names of our cherished ones. To secure your spot in this touching tribute, place your order today!

Let us come together as a community, sharing the spirit of love, remembrance, and support this holiday season through the Lights of Love Campaign. Your participation ensures that the legacy of our dear ones shines brightly for all to see.

May the Lights of Love illuminate your heart, light up our community, and bring solace during this special time of year.