Navigating the role and responsibilities of caregiving can be rewarding as well as challenging. Here are some resources to help you on your caregiving journey so that you can care for your loved one while also caring for yourself.

Our mission at Hospice of Southern Kentucky is to comfort and support those coping with serious illness and their families. One way that we can do this is to ensure that patients and caregivers have access to the information they need to make comfortable and informed decisions about their care.

transitions palliative care

Caregiver Handbook

ComfortPak Medication Instructions

Patient Handbook

How to Give a Bed Bath

Oxygen Safety

Hand Hygiene and Controlling Germs

Helpful Information Prior to Death

Helpful Information Following A Death

Administration of Rectal Medicines

Nutritional Supplements and Recipes

Long Term Care Guide

Training Videos

This collection of videos is curated from various resources- they are not the property of Hospice of Southern Kentucky.