Transitions care is a service offered by Hospice of Southern Kentucky and may be appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious or advanced illness.

Unlike hospice care, patients may choose to receive Transitions care services while continuing to pursue aggressive treatment and further diagnostic tests. Many of our Transitions patients have more than one serious illness.

We focus on educating on the disease process, establishing personal health goals, and assistance with advance directives. This menu of different services is completely free to patients and families.

What can I expect from Transitions?

Minimizing stressful and costly emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalization are two of Transitions’ primary goals. We work collaboratively with your physician  and care team to help you avoid the hospital as much as possible.

We offer support to your family and friends, so those who help care for you have someone taking care of them. Emotional support is so important during health challenges and our trained volunteers and staff can help with difficult conversations between you and your loved ones about topics such as living wills and Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney.

Illnesses advance and care needs change throughout a person’s life. As we interact with you and your family, our volunteers and clinical staff will monitor your condition during every visit and phone call. We want you to receive the right level of care when you need it.

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