A Medical Order for Scope of Treatment, or MOST form, is specific to each state. This form is a voluntary document designed for those who are seriously ill or medically frail to provide written documentation of their healthcare wishes if they are unable to communicate for themselves.

This detailed form supplements the living will, durable power of attorney, and other advance directives and must not conflict with those documents if they are already in place. The MOST form, printed on original pink paper, should be recognized by all healthcare providers to ensure a patient’s wishes are followed.

The MOST form does not have to be filled out completely, but any section left blank will default in full treatment if the situation arises. The document can be filled out my a health care surrogate, but must be signed by a doctor in order to take effect. The MOST does expire after one year, so be mindful to continue revisiting the document as necessary and make changes if you feel differently.