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Hospice of Southern Kentucky, Inc.

Your Hospice Team

 Your Physician
Your physician develops your medical treatment plan, and continues to participate in your care, if he/she desires. The medical director is available to manage the treatment plan, if needed. The hospice staff is in frequent contact with the physician regarding your condition. The physician will order medications and treatments that are needed. There are different levels of care in the Hospice House, which will indicate how often the doctor will see you.

Hospice Nurse
Hospice nurses help identify and relieve physical discomfort through the medical orders given by the physician. The nurse will explain disease progression, treatments, medications, expected changes, and any other questions you might have.

Hospice Social Worker
The social worker provides emotional support, help with financial concerns and community resources, and discharge planning. The social worker can help with difficult issues such as explaining death to children, funeral planning and family problems.

Hospice Chaplain
The chaplain wants to visit all patients and families, unless you prefer not to receive that service. He/she provides spiritual support and encouragement. The chaplain works with your clergy, as well.

Certified Nurse Technician
The certified nurse technician (CNA) provides personal care to the patient. Her care is directed by the nurse. He/she is able to assist with bathing, feeding, hair care, turning and skin care, dressing, etc.

The hospice volunteer can do a variety of things to help you in the inpatient unit and at home. Volunteers can sit with patients while families go out, they can read to patients and help them write letters, watch a movie with patients, or just be present with the patient.

Bereavement Service
Bereavement support will be provided for families for up to one year. Hospice staff will be in touch through phone calls, mailings, and home visits to help with the adjustment to the loss of a loved one and answer questions about the grief process.