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In Home Care

 In home hospice service is provided by experienced hospice professionals. These services may be received in your home, a nursing facility, or assisted living facility. Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Hospice of Southern Kentucky is available to all who are in need of compassionate hospice care, regardless of their ability to pay. For eligibility, your health care provider will determine that you may benefit from hospice care. Your health care provider will call the referral to HSK. Once the referral is made to hospice, a nurse from the hospice team will complete an initial assessment.

The goal of in home care is to maintain comfort and quality of life. Available services include physician & nurse practitioner services, specialized nursing, certified nursing assistant for personal care, social work services, spiritual care & counseling, home medical equipment, medical supplies, medications for symptom management & pain relief, volunteer participation, x-ray & laboratory services, and bereavement support.

All in home services are based on an individualized plan of care developed by the interdisciplinary team which includes not only the hospice team, but the patient, their primary caregiver, and family.  


Hospice House Care

 Hospice of Southern Kentucky opened the Hospice House in August 2008. This is the only inpatient center in southern Kentucky. Patients and families will find this is more like home than a hospital or nursing facility. The patient center is staffed 24 hours a day with nurses and certified nursing assistants, with a physician available. There are 10 private patient suites, a chapel, playroom for the kids, family room with community kitchen, and memorial garden outside. Families are invited to stay with their loved ones, but this is not required. All visitors are welcome, including those with pets. There are 3 levels of care that are available in the facility: General Inpatient, Respite, and Residential, each with their own requirements.

General Inpatient: This care is when the patients pain or other symptoms are not manageable in the home. Examples include continuous seizures or vomiting, uncontrolled agitation, and extreme pain. Inpatient care takes place in a hospital or the Hospice House. There is no specific time limit for acute inpatient care, but the Medicare benefit stops paying after controlling the symptoms and in-home care resumes. GIP is short-term level of care and is not intended to be a permanent solution.

Respite: Short-term or temporary care, up to 5 days at the Hospice House, to provide relief, or respite, to the regular caregiver, usually a family member. Symptom control is not necessary for the respite level of care.

Residential:  Individuals may choose to live at the Hospice House, which is an alternative to other facility settings, offering almost all of the same amenities and services. The hospice Medicare benefit does not pay for this type of inpatient care,so the family or patient can elect to privately pay a daily rate for their stay. Call to inquire about daily rates if you or your loved one is interested in residential care. The residential rooms are limited based on need for the GIP and respite level of care.

* These guide lines are outlined by the Medicare rules and regulations for inpatient hospice care. Click for more information.